The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Shore is proud to announce Lily Golden and Brayden Fitzpatrick as September’s Members of the Month.  Club Staff select members that have positive character values, are respectful, responsible, caring, and good citizens.  The MOTM should also participate in various Club programs such as sports, games, arts & crafts, power hour, project learn, cooking club, club council, library and nature clubs, etc.

Lily is in her first year at the Club and has made quite a fond impression right off the bat.  She has a great overall personality, is nice to other members, and is very helpful.  She is a sixth grader at Lake Shore Middle School, Mrs. Evans is her favorite teacher, and she really likes math class.  At the Club, Lily most enjoys working at the Snack Shack and helping out.  In her spare time, Lily loves spending time and playing with her best friends.  Her favorite book is Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Jacobson, and her favorite type of music is pop.  Lily’s top role model is her mom, and when she grows up she would like to be a teacher.

Brayden is in fifth grade at J.T. Waugh Elementary where he likes math class and Mr. Hornberger is his favorite teacher.  His absolute favorite spot in the Club is the gym where he likes to play a variety of games and sports.  Brayden has matured significantly during his time at the Club and has become quite the role model for other members to emulate.  He’s also shown many signs of being a good older brother in watching out for his sister.  In his free time, Brayden likes to hang out with his friends.  Brayden’s favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid and his top music artist is The Weeknd.  Brayden’s role model is his mom, in particular because she offers him lots of support when he plays sports.  When he gets older he’d like to be a math teacher.

Corsignana is the Club’s Student of the Month.  Corsi is very good about getting all of her school work done when she attends the Club, but she still leaves herself plenty of time to enjoy the Club’s other activities on a daily basis.  Corsi has proven to be very studious and diligent, and racks up plenty of homework points for completing assignments.  She enjoys working at the Snack Shack as a Jr. Staff too.  Her favorite thing to do at home is jump on her trampoline.  Corsi attends Lake Shore Middle School, she is in sixth grade, Mr. Gizzi is her favorite teacher, and she loves math class.  Corsi loves all different kinds of music, her favorite book is Girl Stolen by April Henry, her role models are her mom and her friends, and when she grows up she would like to be a teacher.

We are so proud of our Student and Members of the Month and would like to congratulate them on their achievements!  For their accomplishments, these members also receive a couple special gifts – a Lake Shore BGC shirt and a $5 Tim Horton’s gift card!  The Club is continuously accepting registrations for the 2016-17 school year.  For additional information about our program please visit our website at, follow and like us on Facebook, contact us at 926-2119 or, or stop by the Club itself at 42 Sunset Blvd. (W.T. Hoag Educational Center).

Corsignana Nardello, Lily Golden, and Brayden Fitzpatrick



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