On Tuesday, as adults throughout the nation headed out to the polls, the members of the Boys & Girls Club also got to cast their votes in the first-ever Presidential Election held at the Club!  Members partook in a blind election to help them remove bias from their selection and to understand and appreciate how to make an informed decision.  Each member that participated completed a questionnaire made up of 10 topics/issues related to the election.  The kids then evaluated which candidate each of their answers aligned with (Candidate A or B).  By the end, the kids were able to vote for a candidate by tallying the issues to see which one they agreed with more overall.  The kids did not find out who they actually voted for until the identities of Candidate A and B were revealed on Wednesday. The results of our election were shared with them as well, along with where the majority of the Club voters stood on each individual issue.  At the end of the day, the kids did a fantastic job and really got a kick out of the entire experience, while also being enlightened by the importance of voting in our country!


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