THIS WEEKEND! – Outdoor Adventure Raffle – THIS WEEKEND!

Hello hello, it’s Outdoor Adventure Raffle weekend everyone!  Just a few quick reminders.  Please get your tickets sold/unsold in TODAY!  If you’ve sold 10, we have your complimentary ticket waiting for you here at the club.  It’s easier to take care of this during the week, not at the event, so please come in by Wednesday (by 6:30) with your tickets.

Next, we have a spot or two open to for Friday to sell tickets if your available from 10:00 am-2:00 pm, but mostly we need a lot of hands during the event, it’s a great time to recoup that volunteer fee if you haven’t already.  There is a sign up sheet to help work the floor, and also to help tidy up after the event at the front desk of the club, or you can just give us a call (926-2119).  Many hands make light work, please do what you can to help.  You can still win prizes while you work!!

We hope to see you this Saturday at the event! Doors open at 3:00, raffle starts at 4:00, and dinner is served at 5:00 pm at the Lake Erie Beach Fire Hall.


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